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Where the KYOCERA - NIXKA Inkjet know-how
can help you making the difference ?

NIXKA - Digital Packaging Printing Solutions
NIXKA - Mailing & Addressing Printing Solutions
  • Substrates compatibility : plastics, metal, ceramics, textiles, ...

  • Overall printing and finishing process

  • XL and XXL single pass print format

  • Full digital - 4.0 factory

  • Flexible solution

NIXKA - Industrial Applications Solutions
Mailing & Addressing
Industrial Applications
  • Complementarity to conventional Offset and Gravure

  • Ultra High quality CMYK

  • Print embelishment with extra colors and special inks

  • Offset coated stocks compatility

  • Scalable solutions

NIXKA - Commercial Printing Solutions
Commercial Printing
Digital Packaging
  • Print-on-demand from 1 to 10K units per run​

  • Offset Uncoated and coated stock latitude

  • Lean production together with waste reduction 

  • Versioning and personalization

  • Modular solutions

NIXKA - Publishing, Books Printing Solutions
  • Fluid ejection and control

  • Non contact technology

  • Process

  • Test and feasibility

  • Partnership

  • Modular solutions

NIXKA - Material Jetting, 3D Printing Solutions
Material Jet

 Digital Packaging

Folding Cartons, Flexible Packaging, Labels, Sleeves, Paper Bags, etc

 Mailing & Addressing

Transactional, Direct Mail, Personalized Catalogues Statements, Forms, etc

 Industrial Applications

Ceramic decorations, Laminates, Textile Printing, Direct-to-Object Printing, Complex Coding & Marking, etc

Posters, Displays, POS, Greetings Cards, Calendars, Brochures, Reports, Booklets, etc

 Commercial Print

Color and Monochrome Books, Photobooks, Magazines, Personalized Newspapers, Inserts, etc


3D printing, Printed Electronics, RFID, Solar Cells, Smart Sensors, Biomedical Applications, etc

 Material Jetting

  • Short runs & personalization

  • Plastics and non porous substrates

  • Color matching

  • Data security

  • Integration with end-to-end packaging lines

  • Environment protection

  • Flexible solutions

  • Inks & Fluid Develoment

  • Printheads Validation

  • Media Characterization

  • Print Engine

  • Software and User Interface

  • Data Management & Workflow

  • Print Process (drying, cleaning, pre/post treatment, etc)

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